The Karnali Highway
  May 18, 2017

The Karnali Highway

Truck drivers and travelers, when asked which is the most dangerous highway in Nepal, without hesitation, take the name of the infamous Karnali Highway. This highway, that joins the two towns of Jumla and Surkhet of the Mid-Western Development region is 232 kilometers in length and it has been able to capture the attention of the people worldwide. It is said that 50 people die here each year. It is also one of the few routes through which one can access Rara National Park.

A lot of factors make the journey on this highway treacherous and nerve wracking. The cloud of dust a bus leaves behind itself decreases the visibility of the driver behind significantly. Almost every part of the highway is not blacktopped and sharp edges of rock poking out from the walls of the road certainly does not make a driver’s journey pleasant.

Despite most section of the highway has been blacktopped, the risk of travelling in the highway has not lessened. Landslides continue to occur in the highway making everyday journey risky and difficult. This highway was made to make it easy for people of Jumla, Mugu, Kalikot, Dailekh and Achham districts to sell their local products.

Although the risk of commuting through this highway is the same, time taken for the locals of these districts to travel has significantly become shorter.